Medical Technology

The primary objective of medical technology is the integration of new, forward-looking technologies and methods into the clinical environment. Here, technology is the first step that shall lead to improved quality of life for patients and support the physician's work.

Ultimately the applicability of innovations in clinical practice is essential. Thus a close contact with users of our technology and with the stakeholders in medical economy is of great importance for AthenaDiaX.

In the world of AthenaDiaX, telemonitoring plays a central role. By using innovative products we intend to build a bridge over the special distance between physicians and patients.


In the continuous engagement with our clinical partners as a emerging company we have the abiility to close the cycle of innovation and clinical application.


Our Mission

AthenaDiaX GmbH is a vital product developer with extensive clinical know-how. Our values are responsibility and integrity, which shall improve the perspective of people with health risks.

The products of AthenaDiaX support the patients and shall bring benefits to many other people. Thus we approach our tasks with great care. In this process we build on innovative product ideas with versatile indications.

We learn continuously and act fast and flexible according to challenges. This is achieved with a team, that supports the company goals.


Our Vision

AthenaDiax products are an integral component of the clinical diagnosis of large risk groups. They belong to everyday clinical practice and close the gap between ambulatory and stationary procedures.