What is the purpose of the body sensor? The body sensor provides evidence of until now undetected, rarely occurring, cardio Arrhythmias over a 3 channel ECG, which allows a clinical staff member to complete a detailed analysis of the rhythm pattern.
What is the make-up of the body sensor? The body sensor used for ECG recordings is made up of ARES and ZEUS 2D or ZEUS 7D. ARES contains the ECG electronic. The ZEUS products as disposable objects are the power supply and electrodes (ZEUS 7D) or the recording for separate clip-on electrodes (ZEUS 2D).
How can I recognise ZEUS 2D or ZEUS 7D? ZEUS 7D have integrated electrodes with a sticky adhesive side. ZEUS 2D are glued on with separate clip-on electrodes.


Before Use

What needs to be considered before gluing the body sensor onto the skin? The skin of the chest area should be oil-free and may potentially need shaving. The supplied alcohol pad can be used to remove any oils. ZEUS 7D should only be applied by a clinical staff member.
Where is the body sensor placed? For optimal readings, the body sensor should be glued onto the left chest on a preferably flat area of skin between the armpit and the sternum, closer to the sternum.
Can the body sensor be covered or touched by a bra? The body sensor should be placed above the bra.
Where should the body sensor be placed on patients with bigger breasts? The body sensor should be placed on an area as close to the heart with the least amount of breast tissue between the armpit and sternum as possible.
How do you turn on the body sensor? The electrical ARES device is pushed onto the ZEUS sensor. When the connection between the ARES and ZEUS is made, the body sensor will turn itself on.
How do you begin recording the ECG? After connecting the two components,  the body sensor will begin recording the ECG automatically.
How should I behave, when the self-adhesive tape on the side of the ZEUS 7D does not sit properly on the device, e.g. the self-adhesive tape is rolled up or is sticking to itself, etc.? ZEUS 7D only works when it properly holds onto the chest and must therefore be replaced.


During Use

How can I tell if a recording is running? During a recording, the Status LED on the ARES will light green every 4 seconds.
Can the body sensor be worn in the shower during use? Showering is only possible when using ZEUS 7D; ZEUS 2D can be easily removed from the separate clip-on electrodes and must be placed aside whilst showering.
Is it bad if I glued the sensor on upside down? The orientation of the ECG signal will change. This has no or only a very slight effect on the automated ECG signal analysis as long as the sensor is glued onto the upper left quadrant of the chest.
Your doctor will immediately identify such a situation during the analysis of the signals and keep this in mind.
What should I do when the sensor detaches itself from the skin? An ECG recording is no longer possible when the adhesive side of the device detaches itself from the skin. The system must be restarted, in order for the measuring to take place again.
What must be considered whilst using the body sensor? The body sensor must not be worn in the sauna and be protected from high temperatures and solar radiation.
What should I do if the body sensor is itchy on my skin? On some patients and during longer wears, the electrodes can lead to skin irritation and itching. If this is an allergic reaction, the body sensor must be removed from the body.
When using the ZEUS 2D, the electrodes should be replaced at least every 48 hours and the skin cleaned. Frequent replacing of the electrodes and cleaning of the skin will reduce any occurring skin irritation.
How long can the body sensor be worn? A body sensor using ZEUS 7D can be worn up to 7 days without interruption; the clip-on electrodes of the ZEUS 2D have to be changed at least  every 48 hours.
Can I participate in sport whilst using the ECG sensor? The body sensor can be worn during sport. However, it must be protected from any hard hits. Sweating can induce an amplified itching and lead to the reduction of the device’s adhesive ability. The body sensor cannot be worn whilst swimming.
What do the light signals mean?
Color LED signal State body sensor
Orange blinking for 15 sec Self-test: In this state, the body sensor performs a
self-test concerning all necessary function of the device.
Orange blinking along with heart rate Measurement 1 (ECG recording): In this state, an
ECG recording will take place. The patient contact is
available. After 30 s a change to the state “measurement 2” (see below) takes place. All 3 LEDs blink to the patient's heart rate.

Green blinks every 4 sec

Measurement 2 (ECG recording): In this status, an ECG
recording will take place. After double-tap on the ARES
the state will be changed to the state measure 1.
° No LED signal End of recording: This state indicates the end of the recording.
Red LED signal Out of service: Memory full / Batery emty / Hardware failure


After Use

What do I do after the recording time? At the end of a planned wear, the body sensor should be removed and the ARES and ZEUS separated. This will register the end of the recording.
How can the body sensor be cleaned? ARES can only be cleaned using a lightly damp cloth. Please use a non-aggressive solution to disinfect the body sensor. Please avoid any infiltration of fluids into the body sensor.
ZEUS 2D and ZEUS 7D are disposable components meant for use by one patient only and therefore do not need to be cleaned.


Difficulties during Use

ZEUS and ARES separated themselves, what do I do? If the mechanical function between ZEUS and ARES separated, one can re-establish the connection by pushing them back together. Please pay attention to assembling the components in the right position indicated by the marked line. A clear “click” should be heard.
The body sensor fell off, what do I do?

ZEUS 2D: If the clip-on electrodes are glued onto the skin, the body sensor can be re-secured through pressing it back on. If the clip-on electrodes have detached themselves from the skin, they must be replaced.
ZEUS 7D: The electrodes on the ZEUS 7D are designed for one use only, if they detach themselves from the skin, a new ZEUS 7D must be used; once a ZEUS 7D has been removed from the skin, it cannot be glued back on.